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Divine Purpose – Divine Destiny 3

To better understand God’s Divine Purpose, Divine Destiny for your life, it is critical for you to understand how the five physical senses play an important role in assisting you as a Christian to understand and realize your purpose and destiny. Every person at the moment of salvation is indwelt [1 Corinthians 6.19-20], sealed [Ephesians 4.30b] and baptized with the God the Holy Spirit [1 Corinthians 12.13].

So, when a Christian submits their will to God the Holy Spirit, He fills/empowers the Christian to do that which God the Father wills you to do in life at that real time moment. At the moment of submission, He fills the Christian with His power and in doing so superintends the spirit of the Christian in the area of their heart, mind, emotions and will while also anointing the five senses [hear, see, smell, taste, touch] of the Christian to receive a revelation specific to God the Father’s divine purpose – divine destiny for their life. The filling of God the Holy Spirit occurs each time the Christian submits to God the Holy Spirit [Ephesians 5.18].

In other words, to hear the voice of God relative to His purpose and destiny, every Christian must live a life of submission to His will and His way. Every time you as a Christian submit to God the Holy Spirit, God the Holy Spirit will release His power in you in order to accomplish that which God the Father has ordained. The key is to live a life submitted to God the Holy Spirit. Conversely when you as a Christian do not submit to God the Holy Spirit you will NOT be filled/empowered to do that which God the Father wills you to do. This situation is called either quenching the Spirit [1 Thessalonians 5.19] or grieving the Spirit [Ephesians 4.30b], which is sin.

When you as a Christian submit to God the Holy Spirit, He will move speak to you spiritually in order to make plain the plan He has for you in bringing glory and honor to God the Father. Christian, the closer you walk with God the louder and more clearly you will hear Him from a spiritual standpoint concerning His purpose and destiny for you. When I say walk with God, I am referring to studying His word, applying His word to every real time right now situation that you encounter, praying to God confessing sin and asking for forgiveness, praying for others, meditating on what His plans are for you and serving others to assist in meeting their physical and spiritual needs. As a Christian, your responsibility, my responsibility, our responsibility is to bring glory to God in every aspect of our lives at all times.

To state further concerning submitting to God the Holy Spirit is like when you use your physical internet connection. When you power on your laptop and connect to the internet via your internet provider, you direct your laptop to submit to the internet provider to receive the power to use your laptop in order to surf the internet. In a spiritual sense when you as a Christian submit to God the Holy Spirit, the power provider, the power of God the Holy Spirit is activated on the inside of you and in turn you are activated with super spiritual power to do that which God the Father has ordained you to do. Again, the key is for you as a Christian to submit to God the Father’s agenda for your life and not your agenda. In other words, your agenda must be God’s agenda!

If this fits you concerning not living a life submitted to God, therefore, blocking your divine purpose – divine destiny, ask God the Father for forgiveness. 1 John 1.9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Hallelujah!

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