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Christ-centered worldview versus world centered worldview

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

God the Father of Jesus is infinitely wise and He knows all things at all times and there has never been a time that He has not known the outcome of any events occurring everywhere in the world all at the same time. Since mankind only has finite wisdom, the wisdom or knowledge of mankind is limited and subject to error. It is also reasonable to state that since man’s wisdom is finite there is no way for man to completely understand God and how He operates in and through all situations.

As it relates to living in the present, focused on eternity, I believe that every Christian should live their lives and make their decisions based on the Christ centered worldview and not based upon the world centered worldview.

When I say Christ centered worldview, I am saying that when it comes to living in this world which brings about the need to make decisions, as Christians, we should base all of our decisions centered in the word of God. What does God say about the matter that needs an accurate decision? What He says is what the Christian should do.

When I say world centered worldview, I am saying that when it comes to living in this world which brings about the need to make decisions every person that makes daily decision not centered in God’s word, makes a decision based upon the world centered worldview. Their decision is not based upon what God says to do but what the world says to do.

The person who lives their lives solely based upon the world centered worldview most likely will not know and/or use the biblical standards in the word of God to decide what decision to make in dealing with their respective situation.

For the Christian in dealing with everyday life circumstances and situations God states, “Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.”

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